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Re: Topband: Noise canceller

Subject: Re: Topband: Noise canceller
From: Niko Cimbur <>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 19:29:19 -0800 (PST)
List-post: <>
There were several people interested if I received some information about the 
quantum phaser unit.

This is what I got:

- The unit is much better built than the MFJ, it appears as a nice built unit, 
it is bigger than the MFJ.
- It was not designed as a noise canceller, but as a phasing unit for MW 
- It will cover 360 degrees of phase  (180 degress reversible)
- As supplied it does not have a bypass option, it is always in the circuit.  
Apparently there are solder pads on the PC board so you are able to add a 
bypass switch on your own.
- Support is very good.
- No schematic available.

By the way the MFJ1025 did not help me at all this weekend.  I was totally 
wiped out from 1830 to 1850 by splatter from the KVEC 920 second harmonic.

Niko - AC6DD

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