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Topband: Noise canceller

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Subject: Topband: Noise canceller
From: "Harold Smith" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 11:41:42 -0600
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I had an ANC-4 and I was not impressed with it.

The MFJ 1026 seems to do much better.

The MFJ has automatic switching RF sensing.but in their manual, they
recommend not using this. They state that one should the control input which 
go to ground on transmit. They state that fast switching transceivers could 
damage the unit.

My question is, even using the control line, will it QSK okay? In the near 
future, I will check with a
dual channel scope.

Most tranceivers do not have  receiver out and in connectors. I do know
that the Kenwood TS950SD and SDX do. My FT1000D doesn't.

73.....Price W0RI
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