[Skimmertalk] Running CW-Skimmer-Server + WSPR simultaneously

dd5xx at web.de dd5xx at web.de
Wed Oct 4 16:39:04 EDT 2017

Hi all,
I am running successfully Pavels' SDcard image (Alpine OS). Either I start SDR_WSPR for having my Red Pitaya work as a WSPR_transceiver or I run SDR_HPSDR to have my Windows machine running CW skimmer + RBN Aggregator as CW skimmer node.
Is there a way to run WSPR_receiver *AND* SDR_HPSDR so I can decode simultaneously WSPR+CW ? I know how to handle CWSL_Tee but in this scenario the I/Q stream needs to be split and forwarded to a Linux OS and a Windows OS. How could this be achieved?
Any help appreciated.
Best 73
Saki, DD5XX

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