[Skimmertalk] Skimmer Data Load?

Ron W7FIA fia at clouddancer.com
Mon Aug 3 21:58:34 EDT 2015

I'm thinking of using a cellular hot-spot for portable operation for 
CQWW CW.  If I use the hot spot to connect to VE7CC what kind of data 
usage am I looking at?

> Something to guess off of might be the size of the csv file from RBN
> on a contest day, for instance first day of CW WPX on 30 May is 187
> Meg in size and contains 2949875 lines.

Oh, the user side of the data stream.  Well if you downloaded all the
above RBN spots it would be 187 Meg plus overhead.  Small text fragments
aren't efficiently compressed, and overhead can be x2 in TCP, so going
with the 300Meg mentioned is probably good enough.

For your example, seems like ~300M times the number of users of your
hot spot as a rough upper limit.  A better answer would be try it
during some contest you are not in, and check the traffic.


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