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Jack Brindle jackbrindle at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 29 21:23:37 EDT 2008

I do hope that if such a ruling is made (and I suspect it will be)  
that they are very specific as to what is disallowed in the non- 
assisted class. Derivatives of the Skimmer software which do not  
actually provide a bandmap-like display could be extremely interesting  
and useful. Consider, for example, a program that takes in the  
information and simply tells you propagation information (like where  
openings might be). This _should_ be perfect legitimate in all  
classes, as is listening to WWV propagation information or even  
looking at propagation charts prepared by others is now. Making a  
blanket rule that disallows all forms of skimmer information could  
have very highly non-intended consequences.

There may be lots of additional information that can be derived from  
that gathered by Skimmer which is well-within the rules. We just need  
good imaginations to figure out what it might be and how it could be  
useful. Such a program or information mining could actually make  
Skimmer useful for phone contests as well. The information it gathers  
in the CW band segments which indicates what regions are open and the  
possible bands translates directly up to the phone bands. We just need  
to write the programs to do the mining and display operations.

Yes, as has been the tradition for many, many years, we hams will  
continue to push the technology envelope. It's our job and the reason  
many of us are hams, after all.

On Jun 29, 2008, at 5:53 PM, Bill Tippett wrote:

> K1AR:
>> A great deal of the posts regarding skimmer on CQ-Contest were  
>> generated by
> people trying to draw attention to themselves. The evidence is that  
> their
> passion miraculously stopped once we provided a focused medium,
> albeit smaller,
> to discuss the topic with those having a common interest.
>         I believe passion might be dropping for other
> reasons, most notably the various rumors that CQ WW will
> rule in July that use of Skimmer will place operators in
> Assisted categories (also 2 independent contesting.com polls
> which indicate a >2:1 preference for placing Skimmer in
> Assisted categories).  Personally speaking, these events
> have removed most of my passion on the subject.
>                                         73,  Bill  W4ZV
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