[Skimmertalk] Red Pitaya set up with N6TV's instructions

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Wed Oct 4 16:42:53 EDT 2017

Hi Wes,

will think about a cooling solution. I would like to keep the aluminium case because it also protects it from HF. Maybe I will purchase a cooling pad like shown here (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00L36CEYU) I could put the RedPitaya and even some more accessories onto this pad and have it cooled down. I'll give a try ...

I tried the script Bob mentioned on his tutorial, but unfortunately it did not work on the latest Alpine OS SDcard image. 

Saki, DD5XX

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Hi Saki:
I am using an old 12 volt power supply from a dead laptop to power my fan.  It is quite noisy but it is in the basement.  I am no expert but the FPGA chip gets hot, even with the aluminum, case as Bob has documented.  I would be hesitant to run it on 6 bands without a fan. 

But you can measure the temperature yourself with the Linux script that Bob documents on his web page.
Wes WZ7I


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