[Skimmertalk] Red Pitaya set up with N6TV's instructions

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Wed Oct 4 16:21:16 EDT 2017

Thanks for sharing your experience.
I thought the aluminium case would be ok for cooling the Red Pitaya, even for 24h/365d usage. Isn't it? Do you really suggest an additional fan to cool the FPGA ? If one would use a fan, you cannot use the aluminium case, right? And how can I read the FPGA temperature? Any instruction really appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Vy 73 de
Saki, DD5XX

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Just a note to say that I received a RP board and got it going in a couple
days using N6TV's excellent instructions.


I can remember the frustration every time I tried to work in a different
biochemistry lab -- the frustration of being a true "newbie" and *everybody
*knowing more than you do. *"I can't even find the pipette drawer!*" That
frustration came back this week trying to get the RP going and you will
probably experience it also. But don't fear. Bob's instructions will
guide you through it -- just takes some time.

Just as Bob warns, cooling is an issue. I don't have the plastic case --
just the aluminum one where the entire case tries to be a heat sink. But I
stuck an old CPU cooling fan on top and it is running at about 44 degrees
C. With a frequency correction factor of "1" I am getting the same
frequencies as on the gps-disciplined QS1R on all the HF bands.

If we use this board for any RBN gap filling I would suggest that we
install the necessary software on the SD card and ship it with some kind of
cooling solution.

Wes WZ7I
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