[Skimmertalk] Brief experiment with Skimmer and 40 MeterSoftRock at Field Day

Vladimir Sidorov vs.lists at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 15:00:17 EDT 2008

> Classes should never be based on "effect" they should be
> based on "inputs."  When the inputs are the same, no matter
> how the inputs are combined, the class should be the same.


You made it perfect. Classes should be based on inputs.

Let's take an example. There are two stations, the station A is "the boy and
his radio", and the station B employs a Skimmer, as well.  The both of them
operate on a band with 50 active stations. The both of them want to fill up
a bandmap.
The station A should either tune to every of the 50 stations and decode each
of them (how long will it take?), or to employ help of 50 other boys and
their radios to make it quickly. The station B gets the bandmap full
instantly and effortlessly.
Do you suggest, the inputs at the two stations are equal?


Vladimir VE3IAE


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