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[CQ-Contest] The 12th Running of The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge

Subject: [CQ-Contest] The 12th Running of The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge
From: "Lew Sayre" <>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 11:16:18 -0800
List-post: <>
Yo, you 160M enthusiasts,
     The Boring Amateur Radio Club has been busy preparing for the Stew
Perry TopBand DX Challenge # 12. So has Mother Nature, it seems, with nasty
storms all across and around the world. Try to get whatever you need to get
on and participate as the contest runs 1500Z Dec 29 to 1500Z Dec. 30, 2007.
     The Stew Perry contest is different than a lot of contests. It uses
actual distance between the stations to gain points. It also does not
utilize packet to find other stations to work. Can you imagine using an
outside source other than your own senses to look for contacts on the band?
The Boring Amateur Radio Club thinks that looking for possible contacts on a
band is a skill that is important. Packet negates that aspect of contesting
so we respectfully request that hams even outside the contest respect our
no-packet policy and refrain from spotting.  A close perusal of the rules
will enlighten the questioning about what we think is important in a
     Go to to read the eloquent rules
and find a lot of other interesting stuff.
     The plaque program is also unique. The Boring Amateur Radio Club does
not specify what plaques shall be awarded. That job is best left to the 160M
combatants who recognize certain attainable virtues and wish to spotlight
them and reward who does best in them.  The Contesting Stalwarts listed
below have heard the call, determined a rewardable classification and sent
in the paltry $50 to immortalize their category.

Call                                Class
KL7RA               Highest number of QSO's
KR2Q                Golden log (highest # of Q's with no busts)
W7TMT              Top Score, Low Power, First time Entry
TF3KX                Aurora Borealis Plaque ( operating QTH must be within
30 degrees latitude or within 3,333km of grid square FQ49-(geo-magnetic
north pole))
KB7Q                Top Score QRP
VK6VZ               Top Score with antenna in space < 20mX10m(wins Royal
Flying Doctors of Australia cap rather than plaque)
K7FL                  Top Score 100% Search and Pounce
N7KQ                 Top Score Central/South America
N7UA                 Top Score High Power
AE6RF               "You've got heart, Rookie" third lowest score for first
time entry
N9ADG               Top Score World
AC6DD               Top Score by Portable Station within own country
K1EP                 Top Score, Low Power from a Condominium
KB5NJD              Top # grids with vertical < 10 m tall
NA0Y                  Top Score USA
W7GG                 To be determined by BARC's BOD (tnx Bob!)

     You can join this distinguished group of Radio Experts by sending me an
email with your proposed category. The time is getting closer to the contest
with holiday considerations, so do this earlier rather than later. There
will be periodic updates to the reflectors about the 12th Running of The
Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge Extravaganza.
     We hope that you will be able to participate in this year's edition.
See you in The Stew!
     73 and I remain,
     Lew    W7EW/W7AT
     The Boring Amateur Radio Club Vice President in Charge of Words
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