[Skimmertalk] An interesting receive antenna

Wes Cosand wes.cosand at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 22:06:25 EDT 2017

I had been impressed by the 630 meter skimmer reports from Don, VE6JY,
especially considering his location about 50 km NE of Edmonton, Alberta.
In an email Don said he was using the Wellbrook ALA-100LN “Large Aperture
Loop”  active  antenna developed and manufactured by Andrew Ikin.


I ordered the preamp and hung a loop of #14 insulated solid house wire
between a couple trees.  The vertical rectangular loop is 10 feet by 20
feet suspended between a couple of trees with the plane of the loop roughly
east and west.  The bottom wire is about 6 feet above the ground.  Andrew’s
preamp is mounted on a post in the middle of the bottom wire with 200 feet
of RG-213 going to the house and the Red Pitaya receiver.

Currently I’m using this antenna for 2200, 630, 60, and 30 meters.  It
covers up to 30 Mhz.

Wes, WZ7I

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