[Skimmertalk] RBN Web Site misbehavor

DD5XX (Saki) dd5xx at web.de
Fri Oct 27 08:13:03 EDT 2017

Yes, I can confirm that. I tried in Germany from several ISPs and
computers, even in different cities. Website does NOT report any
results, it seems stucked. However, if I log in directly through telnet
port 7300 I get all results as expected. Currently I am using this
workaround for RBN tests.

Saki, DD5XX

Am 27.10.2017 um 14:11 schrieb N4ZR:
> Since mid-day yesterday, there has beensomething weird going on - the
> web site works for some and not others.  Can't correlate with browser
> or any other variable- it even works on my primary computer but not my
> secondary, with the same browserand the same external IP address.
> Anyhow, we're aware of it, and are working on it.

Vy 73s de DD5XX

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