[Skimmertalk] Two Red Pitaya receivers on same network are getting confused with each other

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Sat Oct 14 13:27:18 EDT 2017

Hi Wes,
if I understood correctly according https://github.com/HrochL/CWSL/blob/master/README.md you have to run CWSL_TEE and CW SkimSrv on the same machine, see here:
CWSL is a set of utilities to allow further use of data from SDR receiver connected to the Skimmer server[http://www.dxatlas.com/SkimServer/]. This is done through the special dll CWSL_Tee, whitch acts as driver for another SDR receiver. It is inserted between the real driver of SDR receiver and Skimmer server. Data from the SDR receiver going through this library, which is storing it in circular buffers in shared memory of the computer. All other applications running on the same computer can use it from these buffers.
best 73
Saki, DD5XX

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Betreff: [Skimmertalk] Two Red Pitaya receivers on same network are getting confused with each other
I installed a second RP and there is something fundamental I do not

The two instances of CW SkimServer are running on different machines.
Where does Skimmer Server or CWSL_Tee get the IP address to distinguish one
receiver from another? I added Bob's script to start Pavel's receiver on
each Red Pitaya automatically.

I am in "over my head".

Wes WZ7I
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