[Skimmertalk] Harmonics on SignaLink USB?

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Sat May 14 19:21:48 EDT 2016

It appears that you are monitoring the audio output from the speaker or
headphone jack.  Have you tried connecting headphones directly to the AUX
connector on the back of the SignaLink to hear what is being received?

Try reducing the RF GAIN or AF GAIN on the FT-897.  It's likely these
overtones are generated in the HF receiver itself, especially when using
the recommended "Wide" SSB filter.  You might also try a narrow filter if
you're just trying to use CW Skimmer as code reader.

Bob, N6TV

On Sat, May 14, 2016 at 3:21 PM, Charles <cbjesseenh at comcast.net> wrote:

> I'm using a Yeasu FT-897D with a SignaLink USB on Win10, and seeing some
> of what I think are harmonics echoing in CW Skimmer 1.8. I'be tried turning
> down the Rx on SignaLink USB to bearly recieving signal, but still see
> those "echos". What other radio or Win10 settings might I adjust to
> minimize the effect?
> Thanks & 73s,
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